Letters of Love

My wife and I just finished sampling all the vials and they are simply exquisite. We started on Valentine’s Day and did one a day for the next nine days. Cracking open a vial, discovering each fascinating new aroma, applying it and inhaling the intoxicating smell all evening long became a rather enjoyable ritual for us. The thrill of what each new oil would smell like is over but it is still quite a treat to just bathe in the olfactory experience of oud oils.

I must admit that I was never a big fan of personal fragrances, but my wife developed an interest in oud perfumes and was wondering what the real thing smelled like so I surprised her with the Ultimate Oud Sampler. She loves them and now I am hooked as well, I had no idea such heavenly scents existed. We both have our favourites, she likes the Oud Yusuf whereas I prefer the Purple Kinam, but we were both blown away by the Jungle Kinam.  

These samples should last some time and I don’t know where we will go next.  A bottle of one of our favourites, a new sample pack, or perhaps try some of the wood chips. Whatever will be, you’ve opened up a whole new wonderful world for us and for that I thank you. – Michael, Canada

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