Dan on Borneo Zen

Hi Thomas,

I had already given some thoughts on Borneo Zen, but I thought I could give a comprehensive review now:

I have purchased four bottles of Borneo Zen in the past few months. That in itself is saying something, given that I am by no means wealthy. I never want to be without this parfum, so I am stocking up on a lifetime supply before Ensar runs out. It’s such a mind blowing, beautiful fragrance.

Ensar created an absolute masterpiece when putting Borneo Zen together. Beautiful, beautiful MUSK (oh baby!), sandalwood, Oud and florals. Oh that musk comes through so smooooooth! HEAVENLY. I can actually feel the stress leaving my body and mind after applying Borneo Zen and inhaling several times.

I have never received so many compliments on ANY fragrance. Sillage is excellent. I was grocery shopping last week and a woman who was way at the other end of the aisle came running over and said she had been following the trail left by the parfum so she could find out what it was and get it for her boyfriend.

Without a word, I’ve had random women come up to me and try burrowing their noses into my neck when I applied Borneo Zen. The same thing even happened to me once when I wore Borneo Zen to church! If you are wearing Borneo Zen and hug someone, be prepared for them to not let go right away. My girlfriend says I can only wear Borneo Zen when I go out with her now.

Borneo Zen needs to come with a warning label. For one, it’s addictive for the person wearing it. Second, it is essentially aphrodisiac in a bottle.

I’m so glad that those around me enjoy this fragrance as much as I do. Borneo Zen is a little bit of heaven on earth.

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