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Hello Jann-Lee,

We are a small New York company specializing in producing and sourcing the highest quality Oud oils. Our mission is to produce Oud of the sort that is worn by Sheikhs and royalty, and make it available to the few people interested in (and able to purchase) such a rare and costly aromatic.

I personally travel the world and work with several distillers in the Far East in our efforts to produce the most outstanding specimens of Oud. We deal exclusively in 100% pure, premium oils, and do not blend our oils with any synthetics or cutting agents.

We are all Sufis, and believe in the spiritual dimension of Oud, so we take Oud seriously. It is very important to us in our gatherings and spiritual ceremonies to have only the most enchanting, spiritually elevating fragrances around us as we evoke the Divine.


On Apr 11, 2008, at 9:19 AM, Jann-Lee wrote:


I wonder, who are you? I tried to find out from your website who you are but there is no section regarding Oriscent on the site. Also, where are you located? Are you in Eruope, North America?… Because your site is awesome, but I would feel more comfortable if you provide more information about yourselves, because I want to be sure whom I am dealing with.


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