Tigerwood 1995: Cheat Sheet

Take a new distill. Collect the final drops, uncap the container, and leave the oud exposed for three months, ten months, two years, and you’ll get – in a distorted echo – a whiff of Tigerwood 1995… for two minutes.

For a massive number of oud users, those two minutes of imitation-age matter more than any notes you’d throw at them. It’s for those two minutes of oudy oomph that blasts your olfaction into the past that the ME houses force age their oils to death.

But that’s all they get. Two minutes. Followed by sand. Bunk. White wood.

So what about an oud kept in a dark safe for two decades? Oud distilled from 1990s tigerwood? Oud imbued with the crispness of the first notes bubbling from a black Terengganu nugget on the burner? The Kelantan grandeur of Oud Ahmad? The scent of vintage eucalyptic greenness laced with the purple-hued figginess shared by Oud Sultani, that turns two minutes into seven hours?

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