The bizarre origin of Kyara

Here’s yet another Kyara theory some of you might find interesting. I met a bright and resourceful scientist in Borneo who was fascinated with the resination process of agarwood, particularly that of Kyara. Based in...

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OudFest 2014: Birmingham

Birmingham OudFest: 5 – 7 December 2014 A select number of ouds will be released exclusively at the UK Birmingham OudFest. Among them, Sultan Beyazit and Oud Ahmet, both 100% incense-grade artisanal oud distillations of a...

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OudFest 2014: Dubai

OudFest 2014 To all our customers in the Emirates, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, we will be in Dubai from 7 – 10 November to host our second OudFest for 2014. You are cordially invited to meet me in person. A...

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