Tigerwood 1995: Cheat Sheet

Take a new distill. Collect the final drops, uncap the container, and leave the oud exposed for three months, ten months, two years, and you’ll get – in a distorted echo – a whiff of Tigerwood 1995… for two minutes. For...

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Maroke: A Personal History

What is it about Maroke ouds? They’ve got this medicinal scent that captures a somber green aroma you can’t find in any other kind of oud. They often smell like fresh wet earth, a dense forest in the rain. For some...

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Notes from the Jungle

Why does one bottle of oud cost $300 more than the next, or even $700 more? You’ll hear it’s all about the raw materials, but what exactly does that mean? And is that all there is to it? In the coming weeks, I’d like to...

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